API and Theme Updates for January 24, 2020

by BIgCommerce
API Added Pagination section to GraphQL API article Theme Added delete switch to Stencil commands Updated Stencil docs to include information about using front matter with custom templates Developer Blog Five Stars: How to Get More...
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Changes to Chrome’s SameSite cookie policies that may affect BigCommerce apps

by BigCommerce
Beginning in February, the way Google Chrome handles cross-site cookies is changing to prevent cookies without an explicit SameSite policy from loading in cross-origin requests. More details on Chrome’s upcoming changes are available on...

Cornerstone 4.3.1 Release

by BIgCommerce
Enhancements and Bug Fixes Upgrade core-js to version 3 #1598 Add jquery-migrate to Modal test #1599 Fixes itemprop availability meta tag for price including tax case in price.html component #1601 Fix to make browser back button...
Bug Fix

API and Theme Updates for January 10, 2020

by BIgCommerce
API Added information about Price List Assignments Clarified concurrent Server-to-Server API call rate limits Theme Updated tutorial Adding NPM packages to a theme
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API and Theme Updates for January 3, 2020

by BIgCommerce
API GraphQL API Playground is now available within BigCommerce's Dev Docs site. consent_category added to Scripts API which allows users of the Scripts API to indicate the nature of their script. New BigCommerce features will prevent...
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